BD CARD PLASTIC CARD CHINA – warning poor supplier/manufacturer

Warning, a poor supplier/manufacturer: BD Card/PLASTIC Card China has been a new supplier to TAGGS-R-US for a short time, undertaking spot-colour, screen printed projects for us and our clients. BD Card/Plastic Card had complete a few orders for us during its ‘test period’ and other than the fax issues (problems faxing the company). We were happy with service, price and quality. But with like many suppliers in China, it is all about the long-term relationship and in particular the way they address problems.

An order was offered to BD Card/Plastic Card for one of our top and best corporates, who we have serviced since 2002, to undertake their new Restaurant Card. Right from the off we had specified in our email that the gold was to have a sparkle and glitter effect (email on the 8th Sept and on the 13th a copy of our client’s email showing ‘PANTONE 465c + metallic/sparkle’). Anyway, this is less than the issue. But it is important to point out to people wanting to learn more about this company/supplier – BD Card/Plastic Card China.

We tried to educate them regarding SAMPLE PICS before mass production, which is what all our other suppliers offer. This I believe is a huge winner for many businesses undertaking production-related orders. I was told that they can’t and won’t do this due to TIME and COST. Hmmm, funny how everyone else can, too busy looking to MAKE $. This service/process for me is a no-brainer.

The artwork had been viewed and accepted from BD Card / Plastic Card China and had been accepted and signed-off. Note, on the artwork, there was no T&C and margin of error coms nor was their any on their invoice to us.

BD Card / Plastic Card China Tags:

We did get a picture from BD Card / Plastic Card China after goods had left and on viewing this I immediately questioned what I saw. You can clearly see from the artwork and the actual visual they are not the same, and the white pencil line around the red lettering is not even or space equally. This jumped out at me straight away! This is what the card should look like:

The thing what really made me angry was the response from my sales contact which was totally unacceptable in my book. It was arrogant and totally unprofessional. In a number of his comments, he referred (without saying), that we were lying when in fact he had ignored or even forgotten our order spec. He tried to convince us that THIS ORDER WAS OK, you see for yourself, is it? At the end of the day I would not accept this job/project, so why should I ask my client to do so? During the process we kept our client advised/updated and they appreciated this. In the end, we went to another supplier who did the job properly and ended up paying for this twice inc 2 x freight movements!

At the end of the day, we want to help and educate others about this company. If you chose to use then do this at your own peril. All and any email communications are available to be viewed on request.

I will post a picture of the FINAL ORDER, this is how to print cards you choose!

GOOD LUCK and happy plastic card shopping, we know this page will be NO. 1 on Google for their company name …… real soon!

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