Franchise Business Opportunity NZ

Its time to expand and let go with this exciting new FRANCHISE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in NZ. While away overseas, on my family holiday recently (Oct 2011). I thought to myself, its time to move forward, increase turnover and look to develop pockets/areas of business via dedicated consultants/partners. We have a great business model and some superb suppliers with a range of select products, we will offer you a franchise business with a difference!

We are set to have our best year in business, ever, as we post record first 1/2 P&L accounts. The company was first established in 2002 but really started in its current field and direction in 2003. Since then we have never looked back. One of the reasons for our success is the heavy investment on the internet. This is not just to dedicated websites, but Google Adword campaigns, multiple PAID directory listing and FREE web listing on powerful sites that enable us to dominate the net and our search phrases. We never sit still and are always looking to lead the way with new concepts and ideas to promote the business and its name. Even now, as we type this intro we are focusing on a new form of business promotion/marketing ……. watch this space!

MINIMAL INVESTMENT with MAXIMUM support and return. This is the concept of philosophy.

What are we looking for?

– Honest, reliable and hard-working individuals who have a good eye for detail and are committed to customer support.
– Can work on their own initiative and can come up with ideas to promote their own business units in their regions

What will you need?

– A location to call an office
– Dedicated phone (possible dedicated cell too)
– BUSINESS bank account (we can help you here)
– A company name to trade, just for your billing to us
– GST number

Please note that our ACCOUNTANT will help and advise you here and set you off on the right foot so you will be RUNNING before you even start to walk.

What will we offer in return?

– Contact and listings on ALL our company websites
– Dedicated local advertising support (internet-based)
– Advice/Support from the SALES MANAGER and BACK-UP
– Billing
– Samples
– Assistance with order and artwork
– Product training

We are looking for individuals to work within the following areas:


We will look to start with 1-3 ‘BETA’ sites that we will work with and help establish their network. The concept will be manipulated and adjusted to benefit all parties and ensure that the name of the business (TAGGS-R-US) is not tarnished in any way.

Lets recap, this is not a concept where you are left to do your own thing, we want the relationship to work so you will get as much support as we can offer, or as much as you request. Like all business opportunities, YOU DO NEED TO WORK HARD. This won’t guarantee success but it will assist you on your journey. Hard work has always been part of my business make-up. The rest involves a bit of luck and some good ideas along the way also helps.

What is the cost, I hear you ask? Not a lot to link into an established company:

INVESTMENT $4995 for your 1st year and $995 every 12 months there-after + GST

Learn a little bit about us first, have a look at some of our website REFERENCE pages and also have a look on FINDA at some of our reviews.

We are currently undertaking all the fine-tuning with this agreement but any expressions of interest should be sent to or if you have any questions (I hope we have considered them all) then please call Paul’s DDI 09 479 9798.

Check out our Google My Business reviews here. With over 150 5 star reviews, you can see how much customers love and appreciate our iT@g’s. You can also check out our Facebook and TradMe reviews here. We are the best for a reason!