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Its your turn to design you own revolutionary luggage tag in a flash. We call it Design-a-Tag-Express. We have based the concept a little on our iDi Tag but this time its up to you to create your own label and have anything on it that you believe is important, or not as the case may be.

Design-A-Tag-Express can still be built around the iDi Tag concept and as a valued customer you can also apply for a Taggs-R-Us reference code. Card production is very fast indeed. We won’t leave you hanging about for your tags, its our Tagxpress service. NOT having our designer tags on your bags, could mean YOU have to hang about at airports or stations for your luggage. Sometimes you may come away empty handed.

Like both the aLt Tag and the iDi Tag you have a number of options to enhance your product. But please note that this will add to the cost of your bag tag.

Full pricing on our Plastic Tag Products page.

This is a one card product and again we strongly advise that you print the details on the front and back of the card. A list of options are as follows:

Print on both sides

Colour printing option (up to 4 colour)

Select from a choice of coloured plastic

A Picture

Personalisation (name/mobile number/email)

Stronger plastic loop – plastic belt

Leather loop

Writeable panel/s

Address panel

2 card printing

Plastic Tag Products> Design-a-Tag-Express