New Gripper 30 ID card holder, SLOT FREE!

Plastic Card Accessories

Gripper 30

The Gripper 30 is another EXCLUSIVE product being sold in NEW ZEALAND by Taggs-R-Us. The addition of the Gripper 30 shows Taggs-r-us have a clear focus to be the market leader in Plastic Card Accessories.

Gripper 30 Features & Benefits

  • ECONOMICAL: Low-cost, stand-alone device that can be added to existing attachments such as badge reels, lanyards and strap clips.
  • CARD FRIENDLY: Silicone core prevents damage to Smart Chips and RF Circuitry
  • SECURE: Holds cards with up to 5lbs of vertical force and greater than 5lbs of horizontal force.
  • METAL FREE: All-plastic construction will not set-off metal detectors
  • CUSTOMISED: Model “Gripper 30” is designed to work specifically on industry standard 30 mm cards

RRP @ $1.50 + GST

Dimensions: 17mm wide x 25mm high

The Gripper 30 Bulk order DISCOUNT starts @ 500 items.