Advantages of iT@g Luggage Tags

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Luggage Tags for small orders

The all-new iT@g can offer you a solution to all your present luggage tag problems. By upgrading to a modern and updated and technically advanced alternative. These are some of the advantages of iT@g Luggage tags that give us the edge:

 Worldwide advertising

 Extended life-span

 Long-term value for money

 Creates New Business opportunities

 Identify your customers & your VIP’s

 Improved quality

 Concealed customer I.D.

 Assists customers identifying baggage

 Improved image & identity

Many travel specialists in New Zealand and Australia are choosing the iT@g to give to their clients or customers. Because they can benefit from all the great opportunities mentioned above.

Other companies just want to keep up with their competitors and become a market leader and not feel like they are falling behind or offering inferior merchandise to their customers.

It was mentioned to me that a client believed that in the long-term the iT@g would offer better value for money for the company and that first impressions from their clients would be that of appreciation for receiving such a quality luggage tag.


It is about peace of mind and helping you make the right choice!

“Market leaders put their faith into the product!”
Since the product was first designed for the Sales Manager of the manufacturing company (the original iT@g is still around after many years).

Check out our Google My Business reviews here. With over 150 5 star reviews, you can see how much customers love and appreciate our iT@g’s. You can also check out our Facebook and TradMe reviews here. We are the best for a reason!

Who could use > Advantages > Companies using
Luggage Tags for small orders