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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
From: Paul Caunter

Paul Caunter

Dear Friend; Australasias number one Executive Plastic Luggage tags have 1 million iT@g’s on travel bags throughout the world.

This product offers you the highest quality from today’s market and creates a first impression that is second to none.

Equally important is the fact that you have a fantastic marketing & advertising tool to represent you & your organisation for many years to come.

CHECK LIST – see how you can benefit!

Are you unhappy with the present quality of your luggage tag OR just looking to improve your existing tag?

It’s time to change, you have just found the best possible alternative to represent your company or yourself!

 Does your existing luggage tag have a short shelf-life due to punishment it receives at Domestic & International airports? Is it a ‘One Trip Wonder?’

iT@g’s Plastic luggage tags are manufactured specifically to last and withstand the most punishing travel schedule you could impose. They last, trip, after trip, after trip!

Are your tags looking a little worse for wear? Bent and scruffy around the edges?

The best and toughest materials are used in the production process of this market leading solution!

Does your present luggage tag protect your customer identity?

Our ingenious design conceals the customer’s identity!



Since iT@g’s have been distributed to all corners of the world a number of potential customers have called or emailed to ask how and where do the customers details go? The passenger address information is cleverly concealed on the reverse of one of the cards and sandwiched in the centre of the two cards which are riveted together. To reveal these details one card is rotated clock-wise and the other anti clock-wise. At a glance the tag gives the appearance of being a single card.


A New Zealand specialist Tour Operator requested a modified iT@g to assist his groups and hotel/airport porters while his customers are abroad with his company. He thought that the concealed passenger address information would be a problem for porters to identify suitcases in order that each bag would be placed on the correct coach or go to the correct room at each hotel. We now have his company logo on the front of his tag and the passenger address on the reverse – A ONE TRIP TAG


 Do your tags reflect a true image of quality, one that many companies are trying so hard to create or enhance?

 I know the tags I used to use did the job, but I was never happy with the quality or the fact that the identity of the customer was easily available.

“My company logo was never sharp or visual from distance. THE NEW iT@g PLASTIC LUGGAGE TAGS ARE THE MOST VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE TAG YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!”

How can you be sure that your tags are being placed on your customers bags?

You can’t, but with your new iT@g’s you now can!

A New Zealand business travel specialist had booked travel arrangements for a retired top lawyer and his wife. Unfortunately these plans had to be cancelled due to illness. He returned to the agency with his tickets & vouchers in order to obtain a refund and asked if he could keep his iT@g’s because he thought they were the best he had ever seen & been given.

iT@g’s are generally produced as a bulk order for a number of businesses and organizations in all aspects of industry and leisure.

We do not wish to exclude the product from those of you in the market that are looking at purchasing a quality item like this.

If you are an individual traveller OR a family looking to purchase iT@gs for your own personal use, our gold, Taggs-R-Us iT@g is available for sale (see image above). Please refer to the following for more information.

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Luggage Tags> How you can Benefit> Who could use
Luggage Tags for small orders