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Whats new? – Free offer – your logo on our idi tag!
Order Now Taggs-R-Us are both pleased and very excited to bring to you our NEW personal bag identity tag called idi tag/idi label. It has been abbreviated from I-DENTITY INTERNATIONAL. It’s a simple but ingenious concept, where your picture is imposed onto your luggage label (added security) and also your name, mobile phone number and email address are all listed. Ideal for the personal traveller, or for any size business to give to staff.idi tagConventional luggage labels are no-longer secure. Why give people your home address and let everyone know you are about to depart the country on holiday or on business? The personal bag identity tags conceal personal address details and IDI offers something a little different. (PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT ADDED AUG 04)

Taggs-R-Us is constantly pushing to be the world leader in luggage tag solutions. We believe that product enhancement is a must in modern business. This is emphasised by the constant changes to our website – WE NEVER STAND STILL! Clients who have already purchased our iDi Tags in New Zealand, Australia, USA and the Europe now get a FREE monthly newsletter but more importantly our clients are NOW encouraged to send us FULL itinerary of travel including contact numbers of hotels just in case bags are mislaid by ANY transport companies. This then enables us to contact you should we be contacted by your bag finder!

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Our iDi Tag is promoted to all New Zealand Travel Insurance companies as a way of reducing claim pay-outs for all lost baggage. We know that this WORLD leader product will help reduce the huge amount of luggage that is lost at our airports.

The idi tags are truely global bag tags. When your luggage or personal belongings get lost, the person finding them have your email address and mobile phone details so they can contact you. In 2004 we will take our ‘iDi’ product to an all new level where you can log onto our site and use our luggage tag/label tracking system to automatically contact the owner of the belongings at no cost to you.

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We also offer a space for your travel agent to advertise (if your purchase came as a referral) OR you could put anything you wish in here, your corporate logo, football team, National flag or just about anything you choose.

Reference will be made to our website and brief procedure description given if item ‘FOUND.’

The information below would appear on both sides of your card.

You have a number of ways to ENHANCE your personal tag, choose from a plastic belt, a leather strap, gold or silver ball-chain loops or even a number of different coloured plastic cards in order to help identify your baggage (optional extra).

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When you purchase this SECURITY ENHANCED product you also receive the added benefit of ensuring that if your luggage is lost/mislaid or sent to the wrong airport that when FOUND someone will be able to let you know exactly where your personal belongings are. The airline or airport authority staff will notice your label and contact you via a call, text or email.

We can ALSO link other personal belongings to this simple but intelligent system:

Mobile Phones
and any other personal property that regularly leave your home.
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CORPORATE iDi TagsThis is a great way to promote your business, support your staff and also help promote extra security at our International Airports. Apply the basic concept of our iDi product to your employees own luggage labels but also add your Corporate logo and any other details that you may wish to include. This will make sure any personal belongings including baggage/lap-tops and brief-cases with IMPORTANT company information has a good chance of being returned to its right-full owner – YOUR MEMBER OF STAFF! Not forgetting the opportunity to advertise your company NAME.

CONTACT US directly to discuss this opportunity further


Most of which now have either internet cafés or dedicated stand-alone PC’s meaning that should you, unfortunately, lose your bags you can easily check your emails.

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Whatever images you send us is exactly what we print! Quality, enhanced images can be created on your personal IDI tag when the resolution is HIGH i.e. 300 dpi. If you are not sure about this please contact our DESIGN TEAM – Leading Edge Technology


1 tag @ $10, 3 tags @ $25, 5 tags @ $40

Contact Taggs-R-Us for orders over 5 items for your SPECIAL PRICE

inc GST and delivery EXTRA

ONLY NZ$10:00 per year to keep your profile activated or if you decide to purchase new label/tag replacements, as a valued customer we will offer you 1 FREE in 3 OR 30{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} OFF

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We appreciate those of you who regularly tell others about our products and we would like to thank those of you who do so. Just tell 10 friends/relatives or works colleagues and we will give you a FREE set of labels for your own personal use.


ARE YOU A LARGE ORGANISATION WHO WOULD LIKE FREE ADVERTISING ON OUR iDi Tags? Do you have a large client base that you could promote this product too? If you do then LETS TALK! We need you first to put your company name to the product, send us some words. Then you need to tell all your customers about us (newsletter, e-zine, mail-out, website, mentioned on leaflets or on the bottom of invoices or confirmations).