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Products Available

  1. Printed Plastic Cards
  2. Luggage Belts
  3. Tyvek Wristbands
  4. Security Wristbands
  5. Event Products
  6. Silicone Wristbands The latest promotional and fashion craze
  7. Thunder Sticks / Noise Makers – Inflatable promotional products. Great for events.
  8. Original iT@g-Our design (no min)
  9. Original iT@g-Your design (min 1000 units)
  10. iT@g – PLUS (min 1000 units)
  11. iT@g – TOUR (min 1000 units)
  12. iT@g – PERSONAL (min 500 units)
  13. iT@g – DELUXE (min 1000 units)
  14. alt T@g (no min) – Personal luggage tags
  15. idi Tag – Global tags-Personal bag identity tag (no min)
  16. iC@rd (no min)
  17. iKey Hotel Key Cards (min 1000 units)
  18. Key Tags
  19. Kevron Tags – plastic and acrylic tags
  20. Key Rings
  21. Hotel Door Lock The full system from locks, and cards to software
  22. Lanyard Tag (no min)
  23. iBADGE Name Badges (no min)
  24. Sure Tag Name Badges
  25. Wallet Card (no min)
  26. Design-a-Tag-Express
  27. Vouchers (no min)
  28. Invitations (no min)
  29. Short Strap
  30. Plastic Card Printers
  31. Slot Punches NZ
  32. Plastic Card Accessories
  33. Gripper 30 Slot free ID Card Holder
  34. iGift Corporate Gift ideas
  35. Printed Mouse Pads
  36. Vehicle Registration holders
  37. Carabine Clips / Climb Hooks and Short Hand Straps


Tags Pricing

Excel spreadsheets of prices

To save a personal copy

  • Right click on the link, and “Save Target as”
  • Or in Explorer, go “file” “save as”

Original iT@g – Our design (no min) top of page

iT@gz – could your bag tag survive a Tsunami 15 months after the event ours was found intact with the writing inside COMPLETELY ledgible!

DUE TO POPULAR REQUEST – We are ALWAYS reacting to our customers demands and requests so we are pleased to announce that you can now purchase our own TAGGS-R-US iT@g as seen below. One of the BEST luggage labels in the world can now be used to help support you during your short or long-haul travel schedule. The product is very visual from a distance helping you identify your baggage, manufactured to last and secure with hidden traveller ID:

Image front and back, concealed address panel, riveted (gold or silver) and secured to bags with a plastic loop (supplied for free with order)

  • 1 x T.R.U. iT@g @ NZD$6:00
  • 3 x T.R.U. iT@gs @ NZD$15:00
  • 10 x T.R.U. iT@gs @ NZD$45:00

Plus postage


Original iT@g - middle

Original iT@g – Your own design (min 1000 units) top of page

This is the ORIGINAL format, image front and back, concealed address panel, riveted (gold or silver) and secured to bags with a plastic loop, gold or silver ball chain or a leather strap.

iT@g – PLUS (min 1000 units) top of page

As above, but with your FULL company details on the reverse side of the TOP/FRONT card

iT@g plus - middle iT@g plus - back

iT@g – TOUR: (min 1000 units) top of page

Image/Logo on the front and address panel on the reverse (also option to be rivet less). Hole in the corner secured to a bag with a loop (not a long shelf life) or slit in the middle of the left side of the card, a few mills in and secured with a plastic STRAP. This is a 1 card product.


iT@g – PERSONAL: (min 500 units) top of page

Image/Logo on the front and back, slit in the middle of the left side of the card, a few mls in and secured with a plastic loop. YOUR clients name to be printed on one or both sides. This is a 1 card product.

OPTION (A) – Writeable panel for customer name on 1 or both sides
OPTION (B) – Printed name (you will provide a customer list on a spreadsheet)
SLIT (for loop) – Portrait or Landscape

iT@g – DELUXE: (min 1000 units) top of page

Your logo/image on the front and back of a normal iT@g except that the front card is TRANSPARENT and the bottom card is WHITE plastic. This allows us to print your details on the front and leave a blank box in order to reveal the name of the traveler as written on the address panel. Please bear in mind this can only be done if we use a background colour, in order to cover 80-90{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} of the cards transparency.

Alt itag-personal luggage tag

Alt Tag – Personal Luggage Tags (no min) top of page

As well as bulk tags, we produce customizable personal luggage tags. We have two specialist printers especially for our smaller orders.




idi identity tagidi T@g – Personal Bag Identity tag (no min) top of pageConventional luggage labels are no-longer secure. Why give people your home address and let everyone know you are about to depart the country on holiday or on business? Our iT@gs conceal personal address details and IDI offers something a little different.

Rest secure that when you are travelling, lost personal belongings can be returned to you. Click to find out more about idi Tag.

iC@rd (no min) top of page

Used for GYM or SPA members, Loyalty card to offer selective customers discounts or a straight forward card with all your details and services in order that your customer can put it into his / her wallet and call you when next in town! How about linking them to your customer data-base, giving each card a number and ENCOURAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS TO WORK FOR YOU! ………… What to know more? PHONE or EMAIL us …….. A LOYALTY CONCEPT benefiting all parties.

iKey Hotel Key Cards (min 1000 units) top of page

The iKey Hotel Key Card is used to permit customer access to their rooms. Your logo / image goes on the front and a diagram on the reverse, your address and contact details plus a Lo-Co magstripe.

Spencer on Byron Hotel Key card - showing mag strip Spencer on Byron Hotel Key card-front Avis advertising on back of Hotel Key Card Advertising available on ikey key cards

IF YOU ARE A CAR HIRE COMPANY or ACTIVITY PROVIDER (or anyone) AND WOULD LIKE TO ADVERTISE ON THE REVERSE SIDE OF A HOTELS KEY CARD THEN PLEASE CONTACT US or click on Advertise for more information – Win, Win opportunity, help us, help you, help them!

Click to find out more about Hotel Key Cards.

Key Tags top of page

Take advantage of our attractive key card printing and create something that reflects your business, helps your client and helps you. Select from up to 20 different colours of plastic, add your logo, room number and additional information to either or both sides of the card. Attach your room key to a key ring, which is attached by a plastic clip to a card with as much or as little information on. Click to find out more about the Key Tags.

Lanyard Tag (no min) top of page

We have a quality product to enhance all events in the form of lanyard card attachment.
Click to find out more about the Lanyard Tag.

Lanyard Tag Lanyard Tag attachment

iBADGE Name Badges (no min) top of page

iBADGES are a cost effective alternative to Lanyard tags and are a great way of facilitating introductions at meetings. Click to find out more about the iBADGE Name Badges.

Wallet Card (no min) top of page

With all the plastic cards that we all have in our wallets or purses in modern times this is the most important one. Again it is linked to your profile and should you lose the aforementioned item then if you have our Wallet Card you stand a far better chance of being re-united with your belongings. It is entirely up to you as regards what you do/don’t want on your card, but we do suggest you offer a REWARD for finding:

Your Picture
Your IDI reference (full name and check digit)
Company name
Your email address
Your mobile phone number
Your home address
Your works address

Design-a-Tag-Express top of page

Its your turn to design you own revolutionary luggage tag in a flash, we call it Design-a-Tag-Express. We have based the concept a little on our iDi Tag but this time its up to you to create your own label and have on it anything that you believe is important or not as the case may be.

Vouchers (no min) top of page

We can now offer you a voucher with a difference! As a GIFT or a SALES INCENTIVE/PROMOTION you can print exactly what you want on your card, both sides even, including personalisation and even numbering/coding for identification purposes. It can be either a percentage discount or a specified value. If your business already uses vouchers then we can even add software and hardware to include mag-strip readers allowing you to program specified values to cards, deductable when a purchase is made (a form of debit card). Payment in ADVANCE and NO CHANGE!

Invitations (no min) top of page

Use quality coloured cards and design your own invitations. You can include pictures, writeable panels and personalisation. Choose from using one or both sides and give your event the maximum exposure with this NEW INVITATION SOLUTION – be creative today and design away!

Product Launch
Sporting Event

Short Strap top of page

A great NEW product for 2005. Hang your keys and mobile phone from your strap while clipping the CARABINER to a belt strap, bag strap or anything similar.


iGifts top of page

We have a vast choice of printed, quality Corporate Gift ideas to promote your business as either customers give-aways or as items to be purchased. Whatever your budget, whatever your needs; we can offer you pens/mugs/golf balls and umbrellas right the way up to clothing/bags and desk top gifts.

Taking your name around the world and back again – iT@g the WORLD!

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