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Luggage Tags for small orders


If not it does not matter, iT@g’s can be used by just about anyone, especially YOU!

 A large corporate business with many employees including a team who regularly travel domestically or internationally?

 A large corporate business with a sales force that could hand this product to potential clients, at meetings in order to remind the individual/s of your organization?

 A large corporate business with a large customer base who you perceive may travel?

 An Airline?

 A Travel Agent – Retail or Business (Independent or Multiple)?

 A Conference & Incentive Agent?

 A Music/Entertainment Agent?

 A Tour Operator?

 A Wholesaler?

 A Hotel?

 An Activity Provider?

 A Car Hire company?

A Coach Hire company?

 A Helicopter Charter/Sightsee business?

 An Aircraft Charter/Broker?

 A National Tourism organization?

 A Sports Team – Formula 1, Football, Rugby etc?

 A Pop Artist or Group about to go on a World-Tour?

 OR just about anyone!

If you are any of the above, then iT@g’s are the right choice and the only choice for you!

The all-new iT@g can offer you a solution to all your present luggage tag problems by upgrading to a modern, updated and technically advanced alternative. These are some of the advantages that give iT@g the edge.

Sites of interest

Luggage tags history The Luggage tag evolved in the latter part of the 19th century when travel was the exclusive realm of the wealthy and privileged.
Vintage Luggage Labels Luggage labels became fashionable objects of conspicuous consumption – identifying the owner as a well-travelled and possibly cultured person of means.
“Leningrad” – Intourist luggage label, 1930s
Business Card Luggage Tag & luggage products from Eagle Creek USA & Worldwide incl. New Zealand

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How you benefit > Who could use > Advantages
Luggage Tags for small orders