Sure Tag name tag

The Sure Tag is a fantastic new innovation made in New Zealand. Your Sure Tag is a form of NAME TAG/BADGE but without pins or clips. SureTag can be used time and time again and great for visitors to large businesses, Conference and Incentive events, Shows and more. Take advantage today by requesting a FREE Taggs-r-us SureTag sample (for all NZ and OZ companies).

We love these name tag solutions, so easy to apply and affix

Sure Tag

The Sure Tag is easily stored in your wallet

The Sure Tag fastens easily onto many objects

The Sure Tag Bends and Snaps onto anything
Bend and snap
Snaps onto buttons
Snaps onto Lapels
Snaps onto Lanyards
Neck Lanyard

Other Bends and Snaps
Bend and Snap

Snaps onto Belts
Belt Loop

Snaps onto Coat Hangers
Coat Hanger

Snaps onto a handbag
Ladies handbag
Name Badge
Sure Tag™ is quickly and securely attached to just about anything, for example, a button, the textile of a shirt or a blouse, a belt loop, a neck lanyard or even a strap on a handbag. It allows the user to use his or her very own visit card as required.

The tag can even be used to identify the user’s jacket or coat hung on a clothes hanger at social functions etc (if desired).

Importantly, all plastic design features are ideal for recycling as unlike conventional name badge designs there are no metal parts that need to be removed prior to this industrial process.

In addition, Sure Tag™ does not activate security metal detectors.

Sure Tag™ can be imprinted with the corporate logos, advertisements and contact information on the back. It makes an ideal promotional gift item for trade shows or corporate visitors as the user can save the tag like a credit card in a wallet or the like for future use or reference…creating a lasting impression.

Sure Tag™ has an almost endless number of potential applications. The mechanism eliminates the need for external fasteners, such as pins, clips, magnets or adhesives. It is ideal where traditional fixing or hanging methods do not work. Most importantly, the design is simple and easy-to-use.

Potential applications include

  • Pack hook – alternative to conventional clip/slide hooks
  • Identification (employees or visitors)
  • Ties (quick and effective method of securely hanging ties)
  • Electrical cables (identification)
  • Plants or flowers (instructions)
  • Cards (greetings)
  • Point of purchase (retail pricing)
  • Gift item (advertising or promotional)
  • Horticulture (labelling)
  • Point of Purchase Hang-Strip™
  • Point of Purchase Wobbler

The office supply and advertising speciality.


Die-cut in a printable flexible bendable plastic material…like a credit card.

Patent Information

A Swedish patent has been issued under number SE525,039 and other patents are pending in the following geographical regions:

Europe (EPO) Application No 04251621.1
United States of America Application No 10/757,110
Canada Application No 2462028
Mexico Application No PA/a/2004/003061
Australia Application No 2004201312
New Zealand Application No 532051

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