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iDi Tags – The Best Luggage Tag In the WORLD!

We are very pleased to announce to Tabs on Travel readers, the launch of this NEW product. iDi Tags will revolutionise the world by adding extra security to our airports and helping travellers get quickly re-united with their lost luggage. This will of course help airlines, train, boat and coach companies reduce items left for long periods of time in their ‘Lost Luggage’ stores.

Idi TagAfter spending 20 years in the travel industry I believe I know what a traveller needs and what the industry is looking for. Gone are the days of writing your home address on your labels and making a statement – “I am going away and my house will be empty!”

The concept incorporates digital printing, placing a passport size photo of yourself onto your label, your name, email address, mobile phone number and TAGGS-R-US reference. The company or person locating your bag will be able to contact you immediately or send a message to us, who in-turn can contact you with some good news.

The label has sufficient space at the bottom to place a corporate logo, that of an airline or even large corporate business offering its staff means of identifying his/her baggage (Corporate discount applicable). More importantly you can advertise your business!

Some of our clients are using this concept for their NEW and existing clients. They put their logo inplace of the picture and then their contact information at the bottom with their clients info in the centre. They know their clients will use the product and they then become a constant reminder to the potential client.

We also provide a number of great travel related concepts to help your business and your clients. Have a look, we know you will like what we have to offer.

Look at our latest NEW idea

Membership cards – get your clients to commit long-term loyalty to you! We have some great ideas on this too

ID Options with a couple of products that will help put the icing on that special event – Lanyard cards OR iBadges

Personalised luggage tags for a hard to believe price. Give those good clients something special when they spend lots of money with you! These are the people you want to return

Check out our prices we know you will be very surprised!

Please contact us now with your order or for more informaiton (contact details below)

Taking your bags around the world and back again.

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