MIWA Hotel Door Lock

Taggs-r-us bring to you the MIWA Hotel door lock. Advanced technology “Locking In Quality around the World.” Quality, flexibility and security.

Hotel Door Lock

“One smart lock. One smart choice.”

This market-leading Hotel Door Lock has already been used in over 80{0d64d1d915efbcb17fff2fd4979034ad75e41f4d3b8721c0291022275c79bf77} of well-known projects undertaken in Japans domestic market. In New Zealand, the Jet Inn Park Hotel has committed to advanced dual locking technology.

Here is a list of LOCAL clients we are taking advantage of MIWA locks. We suggest you consider this superior product to support your business and your guests.

  • The Pearl South Pacific in Fiji
  • Copthorne Hotel and Resort Bay of Islands
  • Frankton Hotel Hamilton
  • Lodge at 199 Rotorua
  • Best Western Southern Cross Hotel Hamilton
  • Jet Inn Hotel, Auckland International Airport
The MIWA AL5H: “One Smart Lock”

Today’s hoteliers expect much more than a lock that keeps their doors securely shut. The MIWA AL5H, with its smart card capability, is your building block to a competitive hotel security system. It provides you with unparalleled reliability today and unlocks the potential of your smart card applications tomorrow.

Designed to read magnetic cards, memory smart cards and processor smart cards (Hotel Key Cards available from Taggs-r-us). The AL5H combines superior mechanics with state-of-the-art electronics package, offering you a benefit of:

  • TIME-SAVING CONVENIENCE FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS – Guests with a hotel-issued smart card such as loyalty card, can pre-register online and enter their rooms with minimum delay. This has to be the way ahead in the future for customer convenience and loyalty, resulting in repeat business.
  • COMPLETE ACCESS CONTROL – Cards and locks can be programmed to open any combination of doors at different times of the day. This enables you to restrict guests from certain areas of the property at certain times.
  • TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION – MIWA offers the industry’s only THREE YEAR WARRANTY. Most importantly, the locks are designed to last.
  • AUDIT TRAIL – Provides records of the last 600 valid card transactions, so you can track activity associated with a specific lock.
The AL5H features:
    • NON-VOLATILE MEMORY – Retains the data when batteries are removed, keeping your lock software and audit date safe.
    • CAPABILITY TO COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER SYSTEMS – Including energy management and other access control systems.
      • Wide range of colours to complement any decor, including polished or satin brass or stainless steel.
      • Steel chassis escutcheons for additional strength and security.
      • Solid turned knobs and levers in various styles.
      • Meets handicap standards.
      • Interior and exterior escutcheons of same design and size.
    • MIWA locking systems are designed for decades of service. The AL5H hotel door lock exceeds international standards with:

      • ANSI grade 1 mortise lock to European and US profiles.
      • Comprehensive three-year warranty.
      • Meets UL standards for three-hour fire rating.
      • Three-piece anti-friction latch plus hardened one-inch steel deadbolt.
      • Room-side only accesses to electronics, batteries and lock body.
      • Maintenance-free locking motor.
      • Water-resistant door controller electronics.
      • Simple card insertion.
      • Thumb-turn operation of deadbolt from inside room.
      • Early warning of low batteries given to staff cardholders only.
      • Staff cards record the last 140 doors opened.
      • Levers always return to a horizontal position by a balanced spring mechanism.
      • Optional mechanical key override with more than 130 million combinations.
    For applications where a standard AL5H lock is not suitable, such as a high usage common door, MIWA’s Door Control Units provide maximum security you need. These self-contained systems feature:

    • Standard lock operation, powered by 110 AC or 220 AC.
    • Timed egress buttons and emergency opening panels.
    • Back-up batteries in case of power failure.
    • They can:
      • Operate magnetic locks, electrified panic bars, electric strikes or other locking devices.
      • Work in conjunction with the control circuits of elevators, car park barriers and similar devices.

We are happy you have made it to this point, this means that you are a serious, potential customer. Contact us at paul@taggs-r-us.com for more information about the MIWA AL5H Hotel Door Lock. You will not be disappointed, make the right choice NOW and purchase quality, longevity, advanced technology AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!


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