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In order that we provide the best results for your final iT@g product, it is imperative that you supply us with the correct and appropriate information. Our leading UK designer will make minor modifications to your original artwork in order to create a temporary image that will resemble your finished and final product (PDF proof). You will generally have this information on disc from your ART/DESIGN House.

The following points are the main areas that must be addressed to assist us with your product design and production:
  1. Please supply on CD or DVD (if possible)
  2. Preference is in a VECTOR format for Mac.s or 300 dpi for TIFS, JPG.s and EPS.s (file size is also important and should equate to 500kb.s and could be as much as 1.5 meg).
  3. All details to be provided must be copies of ORIGINAL artwork/documents / files all of which are PRINT QUALITY and NOT SCREEN QUALITY.
  4. FONTS / SCANS / IMAGES / LOGOS must ALL be provided.
  5. Formats in which we can work on your iT@g include QUARK FILES and ADOBE FILES (Illustrator and Freehand can also be used). NO WORD OR PUBLISHER FILES.
  6. We wish to work with all your companies branding/logos in order to form/create an attractive tool to represent you for many years to come. We can also offer you the option of changing information and artwork for an additional charge.
  7. Company logos can NOT be enlarged over 200% as the integrity of the image will then become distorted and of low/poor quality.

Please explain the importance of ORIGINALITY to your Design / Art-House in relation to your details, as this will be reflective in the final quality of your iT@g. We strive for the best results to enhance the final product!

Your image/logo can be RE-DRAWN but that will reflect in your artwork costs. For an additional charge, all original artwork can be burnt to disc and returned to you for other projects.

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Products> Supply Specs > Terms & Conditions